Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spain Gets Gold Medal In Racism [Germans Get Silver]

Oh boy, this is awkward.  Apparently, someone on Spain's Olympic basketball team thought it would be really funny to take a picture with slanted eyes.  You know, since the Olympics are in China this year.  This picture is kind of like when you convince your girlfriend to let you take naked pictures of her but she makes you promise that you won't show them to anybody even though you have every intention of e-mailing them to your buddy, who in turn e-mails them to somebody else until before you know it everybody has them.  The main difference is that your girlfriend will just dump you, the Chinese goverment will probably kill these guys after the Olympics and make them all dissapear.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rappers Hate the iPhone [Playa Hating]

Joey and Shawn have not missed an opportunity to rub in the fact they have a super cool iPhone and I have a lame 'ol Crap-arolla.  Or I did until I lost my cell phone.  Now that I'm forced to get a new cell phone I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the iPhone.  Or am I? A blogger over at Gizmodo managed to get back stage at the Rock the Bells festival and ask some rappers what they think of the iPhone.  And you know what?  They be hating.  The dudes from Pharcyde make the most convincing argument against the iPhone and I almost had my mind changed.  That is until Method Man pretty much nails it on the head.  Now I'm definetely getting one.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Griddleman [Smells Like Horse]

Since its late and I have spent my whole night watching Tim & Eric's Awesome Show I will just leave you with a clip of John C. Reilly eating horse grease. Good day, good day, good day, good day, good day (FUCKING PAY ATTENTION TO ME STUPID!!)

Cake Farts [WTF]

Seriously, internet?  Seriously?  I've seen some fucked up shit before.  Tub girl, lemon party, 2girls 1cup, but I think Cake Farts definetely takes the...well, the cake.  Who gets off on this shit?  And where do they find people willing to do this type of thing?  I feel like I need a shower just thinking about it.  I'm pretty much daring you to click on the link at this point.  Be warned though, I don't care where you work, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.  Shit, this isn't safe for life.  If you're woman catches you watching this she will leave you're ass. Pudding Farts, on the other hand, is pure class.

Pregnancy Tips [For Joey & Amber]

Good news everybody, our very own Fungdark contributor Joey is having a baby.  Speaking from personal experience having a baby can be a lot of tough work if you don't know what you're doing.  Fortunately there are a ton of resources out there.  Ask my wife and she'll tell you that there are a some really great books out there that have lots of blah blah blah.  Just skip the books and stick with the time proven method of preparing for a baby - movies.  I watched Knocked Up, She's Having a Baby, The Brothers Solomon, Three Men and a Baby, and Look Who's Talking repeatedly in preperation for my kid.  If you do decide to read some books I highly recommend this one.  It's got some very helpful, easy to understand diagrams on cravings, picking names, and labor pains.