Friday, October 23, 2009


When I first heard about THE FAT BITCH sandwich I was all hearts n' smiles...Who wouldn't want a philly steak sandwich stuffed with french fries, mozzarella cheese sticks and jalapeno poppers (with a side of pretzels, WTF)? Not me, I would want that...unless I can go back in time to this morning and tell my much happier past self to "STAY THE FUCK AWAY". And not because it wasn't good (it wasn't at all) and not because I forgot to "hold the shrooms" (I DID forget) and not because it turned into cold sloppy mess within 74 seconds (It TOTALLY did)...No the reason I would tell myself to "not to go to there" is an hour after pumping lard right into my veins I have a powerfully spicy turd on deck that I am very worried is not going to be a turd at all but more like several gallons of hot brown lava. I know you are thinking to yourself that I should have seen that coming, who doesn't expect some anal repercussions after shoving 3 pounds of Fat Bitch into your gullet? Well in my excitement I didn't really think about it OK? And even if I DID think about it, I can live with an occasional asspolsion if the taste warrants it...but in the case of Fat Bitch vs. Shawn's Asshole the real loser was taste.

PS. I still love Mama Mia Pizza...just stick with the Pizza.

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